9/13 error I think

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Hi Guys, I think this number is error,
I have follow the instruction about the call inside the main method,
I did exactly just like the example and the display printed out exactly just like what the it suppose to (based on example), but I cannot finnish this question…

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“Did you call the bark method on the spike object? Make sure you call it inside of the main method.” - the instruction

“Woof” the display printed out

class Dog {

  int age;
	public Dog(int dogsAge)
  {age = dogsAge;}
  public void bark(){System.out.println("Woof");}

	public static void main(String[] args) 
   Dog spike = new Dog(6);


you missed a !
it would be Woof! // add a ! after Woof

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Geez, you are right.
Thank you bro!

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