[#83] Ah Snap! There is an error in the exercise. Please try again later

this is my problem

Hi Im having a similar issue , this Ollie Bike Sharing exercise tells me to write a line but keeps telling me Im wrong and I cant figure it out . This is whats being said on the exercise : Now, let’s learn more about the heading element.

Headings are a frequently used HTML element. You can think of them like headlines in a newspaper. Your eyes may notice headings first because the words are large and bold compared to other text on the webpage.

There are six heading elements: h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, and h6. h1 is the largest heading and h6 is the smallest.
Use the largest heading to indicate the name of the website.

In index.html, one line below , type (don’t copy/paste!) the code below:

Ollie Bike Sharing

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Hello there, I too am stuck on this section with a similar issue. I have submitted a bug report on “3. Add an Heading.”

At first, I thought there was an issue with not completing both steps but when I typed below line 8 (underneath ):

Ollie Bike Sharing

Share Your Pedals with the World.

I received "Aw, snap! There's an error in the exercise. Please try again later."

Even with the corrected version that they give us, it is still wrong.

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Is this exercise glitching?

Having the same problem… what a bug wish they let you skip…

This problem has been reported to the people who can help. Please continue to leave your screenshots, along with operating system and browser information.

I’m also on “Make a website - 3. Add a Heading” and I am having the same error, “Aw snap! There’s an error in the exercise. Please try again later.”

I’m running Windows 8.1. I have tried both Chrome and Firefox (both up to date) and the error persists in both browsers.

Chrome OS X

I’m having the exact same problem. Don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s the website.

Same problem. My device has Windows 7 64 bit instaled and I am using Chrome as a browser.

Same problem for me. Also happens at the first exercise of the Java course:

I’m running Windows 8.1 64 Bit and Chrome 49.0.2623.75.

same issue,.

The problem seems to be fixed. Thanks a lot!

The bug is still present in Safari 9.0.1. I got it passed using Chrome on OS X. Thank you.

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