8. word up stuck


it keeps telling me i havent made a variable called word.. i have even tried copying some of the other codes from other Q&A´s but it still tells me i have no variable called word.

Please help


after your if condition you should have a colon. (end of line 6) (and then make sure all lines are indented properly)

At line 7, why do you have a colon after "word"[0]? It doesn't belong there.

Also, word is a variable, not a string so don't use quotation marks

If you still experience problems after this, post an updated version of your code


now it looks like this, still the same issue


you still miss the colon after the if condition:

if condition: <- you miss the colon

you still have a colon after conversion to lowercase, there shouldn't be a colon there

If you want to convert something to lowercase, you will have to do:


and store that result of this in word.

Check your indention.


thank you! :D, really gotta remember that the indentions should always be aligned


Did you resolve it? Otherwise post an updated version of your code

You can also save yourself some time by simply copy pasting your code to the forum, and then use markup:


Im having the same problem, its not working for me, it keeps giving me the error message "Did you forget to make a variable called word?" I NEED HELP


please make a new topic with your code + error message, use the template which will help you along


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