8.Victory! The " " ant toLowerCase problems


I can't say that I've real problems cause everything works, but...

1) I can't find another way of formating the output adress but using " ". It returns what I need but looks ugly. Maybe there are some other ways to format it?

console.log ("Address: " + friends[key].address[0] + '\n' + " " + friends[key].address[1] + add);

2) There's one more question. I wish to avoid input mistakes in search by using toLowerCase(). It'll help me but make all outputs in lowerCase, what isn't what i wish. Creating LowerCase copies of objects is too cumbersome. Are there some more elegant ways?


your first question you can try this

console.log("Address: %s \n%s",friends[key].address[0] ,friends[key].address[1] + add);

to your second question there is no need to create copies in lower case but it also depends on the situation can you ellaborate on that with some code samples


Thanks, I'll note your '%s \n%s' version. It's close but not exactly what I wish.
Unfortinately, the task was to get this:

Maybe it's possible to output the second adress element (Cupertino) under the first one without adding spaces in the code? (To make it perfect I had to make an extra function counting letters in the 'Adress' word. So I can't call that an elegant solution).

I've already fixed the case problem :sweat_smile: