8.Vacation You Never Know Fundamental Question Causes Headache


That's in the title because that's how people really use it.

When you explain object orientation in the beginning as long as the explaination is too simple it won't be remembered. water wet anyone? This is also why people don't learn financial literacy. Yes it's explainatory, but a motive is essential for retention and this needs to be not non gendered but gender inclusive. I kinda explain it to myself as nonobject oriented is a labyrinth, the object is to follow and object oriented is like using rental storage, you have to promise yourself you will retrieve it, that your motives are pure so on. Is the rental office supposed to moralize on the retention of whatever it is you wish to store? NO! You must remember this. So when given the responsibility for proceedure there's a danger of confusion by taking this too seriously. So I believed I needed an else statement. It's hard to grasp 'by the ways' when you are serious. If gets to be if and if you can't explain that, you shouldn't be in the education business. Thank you. Please don't complain this is the wrong place. Others need to see this.

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