8. Using Every Heading


This looks right to me but when I try to submit it this pops up:

"Oops, try again. Did you remember to add all three extra sets of


Here is my code. Please help. Excuse the comedic South Park references, that was simply for my amusement.

<!DOCTYPE html>

		Headings & Paragraphs
<h1>Cartman is a fat lard.</h1>
<p>Cartman always stays home playing videogames and pooping himself.</p>
<p>He has gained 50 pounds in the past 2 weeks. He truly is the fattest of them all.</p>
<h2>drugs are really bad<h2>
I think drugs are bad and shouldnt be in schools mmkay.</p>
<h4>Mr. Hands</h4>
watch out for mr. hands. hes crazy and will try to touch you.</p>
Marijuana is also bad MMKay. It'll make you forget who you are!</p>


You h2 heading is not closed as you are missing the / it should be </h2>


Thanks. I did not notice that, however I still get the same pop up.


This lesson requires from you that you have all the header tags from h1 - h6 you are missing h3 and h5


Sweet. Thanks so much. It worked.


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