8.Part of the Whole


Can someone help me? I am stuck.

Here is my code.


What errors are you getting? What isn't working in your code?


For the last line of code you should have: return average(results)

Also, the final return line should be indented to the left (directly under 'for') so that it is not part of the for statement.


I figured it out myself. Thanks for your help though!:grin:


I wanted to know why this was wrong. I figured that because I separately identified what I wanted the program to do it would work but I continue to get error messages.

Does it need to be more concise?

my error message -


line 54 should read results.append(result)


help! I'm not sure how to correct this error.


Here you go ...


def get_class_average(students):
for student in students:
return average(results)


Thank you, I've been stuck on this for a little bit! Is it because I used classroom instead of students?


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