8. One selector, many properties

where’s my error?

Hello @sifatsami79,
did you try using " Garamond " or garamond (lower case) instead of Garamond ?

EDIT: Just checked your code. It should work properly without changes. Just refresh the site (Cache-Fail) by using Ctrl + R or (Ctrl +) F5

Hope I could help you :slight_smile:

Could you please post a picture of your html?

It gave me the wrong hint for this one, I hadn’t finished off my CSS with “;” but it was telling me that Garamond didn’t have the capital letter. Is there any where I report that?

Sorry I’m not sure how you can report that. Can you please send me what you typed in to move onto the next task, I’m really struggling here please help.

Please paste in your HTML and CSS code and we can help you.

Hey sister , Don’t Make Space , i mean don’t make space in “p” and “{” !!