8. Not - How are we supposed to answer this?


This regards lesson 8. Not, found here:

As was the case with Exercise “7. Or” it is totally unclear as to how we are expected to answer.

I understand the concepts of ‘And’ and ‘Or’ and the math equations exhibited so far, but I do not know how we are expected to answer. The ‘Not’ term is not the confusing part here for me.

Do we write ‘True’ and/or ‘False’ when they’ve supplied an equation? And do we compose an equation when they’ve stated the outcome should be either ‘True’ or ‘False?’


from the instructions:

Set bool_one equal to the result of not True

result means: after you manually evaluate the condition, well not True is obviously false so false is the result, so bool_one should be set to false:

bool_one = False


Thanks @stetim94 for the quick answer. So correct me if I’m wrong:

When they instruct, Set bool_one equal to the result of not True we are expected to write the boolean evaluation in the form or either True or False?

Then how are we expected to answer when they instruct, Set bool_five equal to the result of not not False - Another boolean evaluation? (False).

Or as in the previous exercise for ‘Or,’ Set bool_two equal to the result of True or False - I wrote bool_two = 5 + 18 == 23 or 4 - 8 == 0

Where does is indicate the form of answer we’re expected to type?

I need to determine whether I’m an idiot, or if the instructions are ambiguous.


we are suppose to manually evaluate the conditions given to use by the exercise, and set bool_one (two, three and so on) to the result (which will be either True or False. So the answer always should be a Boolean value

The trick to understanding this exercise is here:

to the result of

the result is always a Boolean value (True and False are the only two Boolean values), so the result should either be:

bool_one = True


bool_one = False

depending on the result of your manual evaluation of the condition


Thanks! That the clarity I was after.

I’ve just gone back to the ‘Or’ exercise to re-do my answers in a boolean form…


…as it had let me pass by typing in equations that evaluated to the correct ‘True’ or ‘False’ answers, BUT no matter whether I type ‘True’ or ‘False’ for ‘bool_one’ it says, “Oops, try again. Double check your value for bool_one!”

Any idea what’s going on here?


if you set bool_one to True, it should simply work (the condition is true)


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