8.Naming your table- Help



you should remove <th colspan="2">2 columns</th> and add the colspan the the th opening tag of:

<th>Famous Monsters by Birth year</th>


Thank you !!!!


i have the same problem and I did wat u said but it keeps saying that I did it wrong


Okay, and now you magically expect me to fix it? Now seriously, if you need help, post your code


My code is the same, what you wrote. But it hasn't been accepted...but I don't no why. What's the problem with it?


How do expect me to tell it, without seeing the code? (please post your code)


Sorry...I have uploaded it yet.


colspan is an attribute which you can add to html elements, remove this line:

<th colspan="2">2 columns</th>

and add the colspan attribute to the th opening tag of Famous Monsters by Birth Year


Ah okay, now i understand! Thanks!


Now your famous monsters by birth year should span both columns of your table. Which should make the table look a lot better. Good you understand :slightly_smiling:


there is no reason to give me attitude


Maybe not, but there is very little i can do to help you if you comment something like that.


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I try doing every thing you said but yet I still can't get it


This topic is really old, please make a new one. Fill in the template so we can help you quickly :slight_smile:

I can't really help you like this. There is no: code provided, error message