8. My code is not working plz help to figure out the error


My looks like this:


It is not working plz help


HI inside you $( ) before .keaydown() try to put "document"


It is still not working plz help..


So your code looks like that...


if is look like that try to refresh the page and try again..


i refreshed but when i click save and submit it takes me to full screen and even if i press a key it does not work and gives an error telling me to follow the instructions properly


sometime is the zoom of the pages who gave the error if you are on windows try Ctrl + 0 and if your are on apple comand + 0 it set the zoom at default or you can try on another browser.


u have helped me a lot but to be honest it is not helping... plz if u can try again help me...


Your Html and jQuery should be like that


it is looking exactly like that but when it comes to full screen after pressing Save & Submit it doesn't work... which key did u press can u tell


UPDATE: Sorry dude i waited for sometime then it worked sorry to get u bored.


Your welcom I'm glade that i could help you.