8. Last practice for loops


for ( i = 100; i › 0; i -= 5) {

Can anyone help me? I dont know whats wrong with it.

It only tells me, There was a problem with the Syntax.

Thanks for helping;



for ( i = 100; i › 0; i -= 5) {

you are using wrong symbol
use > instead of


Ok but how do i do them because i have a strange keyboard, it doesnt have the arrow keys (‹ ›)
the only way i do them is:
alt+ 0139
and alt+ 0155


what is this for character: ? you should use > instead. also, you shouldn't print zero

You can copy the character we provide? What keyboard do you have? Maybe you can google it?


you can use
Alt+60 for ( <) less than
Alt+62 for ( >) greater than

The Link of Alt Codes for entering Mathematical Symbols


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