8.keeping track of produce


Hi, I'm having trouble with this lesson. The following is my code for it, but the lesson comes back saying that "Oops, try again. Check what your code prints for orange. It doesn't look quite right!"

It appear like I would expect it to on the right screen, but continues to display this message. Any ideas?

prices = {
"banana" : 4,
"apple" : 2,
"orange" : 1.5,
"pear" : 3

stock = {
"banana" : 6,
"apple" : 0,
"orange" : 32,
"pear" : 15

for key in prices:
print key
print "Price: %s" % prices[key]
print "Stock: %s" % stock[key]

8. Keeping Track of the Produce

the prints should be an exact match, so price and stock should all be lowercase letters


that did the trick.. wow, thank you