8. Interactive JavaScript


Confirm("I feel awesome!");


You'll need to use lower case for the 'c' in 'confirm' :slightly_smiling:


It's not working even with lowercase


Are you getting the popup window with your message in it?


No I am not getting any pop up


You are right.
Just click on Exercise 9 and start coding, Exercise 8 will marked tick.

You can change your browser, It's work for me.


It could be that you have a strict popup blocker, in which case you would be able to tell it to let Codecademy.com create popups.

If you have one, you could try a different web browser.


you must have blocked the pop up option in the browser. enable it for this website or just reset your browser setting


confirm("I feel awesome!"); try


Maybe you need a different sentence.


type prompt instead of confirm like this prompt("I feel awesome!");