8.images- image not appearing-help! :/

stuck on 8 images the image is not appearing and I cannot find where I went wrong. Haven’t gotten any error messages.

Can you please post your code here?

read this topic please :slight_smile:

right now i can say <ul>, <ol> and <li> elements shouldn’t be inside <p> elements.

more details:

also the instruction doesn’t want the <img> to be inside <p>.


Hi @bitrunner11199,

Other than what @rcodeman said,

I would like to point that you have some syntax problem with your tags, the correct format should be:

<a href="........." target="........."> Whatever in between </a>

and also

<img src=".............." />

Do check your code for the tags I mentioned, you have missing quotation marks " ".
One <a> tag and two <img /> tags.



The use of unquoted attribute values has been supported since HTML 2.0 (the first HTML standard).

but there are some limitation.you can omit "" if you don’t have the following characters.

spaces, tabs, line feeds, form feeds, carriage returns, ", ', `, =, <, or >.

for example:
It’s valid

<a href=Username >myName</a>

but it’s not

<a href=User name >myName</a>

so though there was no problem with syntax but it’s always best to use quotation marks.because unquoted attributes can cause serious problems in browser.

@bitrunner11199 ,

so you should do what @codexthon said.


Ah I see, so that is why quotation marks are being stressed in the exercises, to avoid these sort of problems. Thanks for the clarification @rcodeman, very educational and enlightening.

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Thank you all so much! I will read those topics when I get home and try to fix my mistakes :slight_smile:

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