8. I resolved the error


I resolved the error. Is put
.neighborhood-guides {
backgrounf-color: #efefef;
border-bottom: 1px solid #dbdbdb;
in HTML no in CSS.

8. Error msg: Set the border-bottom to '1px solid #dbdbdb'

Did doing that really give you a pass?

Can you see the background-color and the border-bottom styles applied to your web view?


yes. I use Opera web browser.


Pass with error. The error is below of the image.

          The error happened as you want


That isn't an error from the code checker that you are seeing, it is your CSS show being displayed as bare text because you have it in your index.html file. You can type anything in your index.html file and it will show through like that.

Did you ever post your full main.css file for us to look at?


So I decided to add this code in main.css and I did not come out in both Firefox and Chrome, use the code that does not work I put in html using Opera all without utlility }.

.neighborhood-guides h2 {
color: #393c3d;
font-size: 24px;
.neighborhood-guides p {
font-size: 15px;
margin-bottom: 13px;


I can see a misplaced } on line 54. Once you fix that, if you could copy/paste all of your main.css file, rather than a screenshot, then I will be able to test your code.