#8 I am stuck on Accessing Properties!


var bob = {
name: “Bob Smith”,
age: 30
var susan = {
name: “Susan Jordan”,
age: 25
// here we save Bob’s information
var name1 = bob.name;
var age1 = bob.age;
// finish this code by saving Susan’s information
var name2 =
var age2 =


:slight_smile: You had to finish it by putting in susans name and age… As it says in the instructions…

Finish the exercise by filling in the code in lines 13 and 14 to access the name and age for susan and save those into the given global variables.

So when you implement that to code:

var name2 = susan.name;
var age2 = susan.age;


Thank You, and BTW I hate how you have to have 20 characters to send ur text.