8. Having the same problems and tried typing ABOVE like the suggestion

For sure having the same problems and tried typing ABOVE like the suggestion

Any ideas?

Can you make a screenshot??

I got the endless spinning wheel so many times on this on this problem, but after reloading the page about 10 times I finally got through. In regards to the actual code, you need to add your DELETE statement above the SELECT statement like this below:

UPDATE celebs
SET twitter_handle = ‘@taylorswift13
WHERE id = 4;

DELETE FROM celebs WHERE twitter_handle IS NULL;
SELECT * FROM celebs;


I do exactly that with on luck :confused:

Did you copy my code exactly? All five lines of it?

Which browser are you using? I’m using Google Chrome rather than IE. Could be an issue with your internet browser settings?

I’m using Chrome and yes copying those five lines exactly.

Pessoal, eu estava com o mesmo problema de vocês, fazia o que vocês falaram para colocar a linda do DELETE em cima da linda do SELECT mas mesmo assim não ia.
Então eu reiniciei esse exercício e fiz de novo fazendo a primeira questão, depois coloquei a inda do SELECT para baixo e em cima desta coloquei a linda do DELETE e pronto, deu certo.

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