8. Functions, return and if/else


var quarter = function(number) {
return number/4;
if((quarter 6 % 3 === 0 )); {
console.log(("The statement is true"));
} else {
console.log(("The statement is false"));

There's my code. And it gives out the error "SyntaxError: missing ) in parenthetical"

I don't understand what its trying to say....help please?


There are at least two errors in the above line. Review the instructions and check your code against the steps.


You must be talking about the double brackets. If I don't put them it gives me an error saying "Syntax error: missing ) in condition"


A semi-colons allowed in an if statement structure?


Ok, I got it right. I was making a mistake in the number. Thanks for your help.


So I take it you have called the quarter function and tested the return value in your if statement?


Yes and here's the code:


Alright. Good job. I'll have to remove your code though, since it is a posted solution. Glad you can move on.