8 functions return and if else


so what's the issue here

Replace this line with your code.


if (quarter(12) % 3 === 0)

You should not set the value of quarter inside the "if" (remove the "(12)" ).

Outside the complete code (at the end), you should set the value there:

quarter(VALUEHERE); (12)

(Remember, the if / else statement must log "The statement is true".)


The only problem i see on your code is it printed "the statement is true" instead of "The statement is true"
see the difference? the lowercase t and uppercase T.


Maybe it's tripped up because I don't see ; after the first }.
So instead:
var quarter = function(number){
return number /4;


This is perfectly alright. The only issue is the text, itself. The statement is true, just as in the error message.


Yeah I'm stuck on this one too! Did you ever figure out the answer?


I think @gracie017 had the right idea; were you able to figure it out?


Gracie thanks it was exactly that mistake of upper case vs Lower-case


Gracie was right the Upper-case T in the had to be Upper-case


Yup simple tiny mistake threw it all off


Thanks it wasn’t that it was just a case issue in The Letter T


Hi Paul,

I was referring to @ericaacker's program, but I'm glad to hear that that indeed solved your question :nerd: