#8 error PLEASE HELP


confirm("hello can i help you");



It is.

Are you getting a popup window with that message in it?


... it worked now ! im trapped on 22 ha!


That's a lot of progress!

What do you think you are having trouble understanding with 22?


I keep on getting an error, is there a bug there ?

  1. What is the error that you are seeing?
  2. Are you getting the popup window with your confirm message in it ?



I am also having the same problem in #8 and #9 . It keeps showing an error message. This is what I did:

8 - confirm("Are you sure?");

9 - prompt("Where are you from?");

Could you please help me out with these?

Thank you


There should be nothing before either of these lines.
I think you may have something before them

prompt("Where are you from?");
confirm("Are you sure?");


Thank you for replying benjnev,

I just re-checked and there's nothing before them, yet it's showing an error message.


Can you copy and paste your code here again but highlight it and press ctrl c

that means I can view the code as raw code rather than the code the browser is allowing to be seen and what not


confirm("Are you sure?");
prompt("Where are you from?");


Works fine for me, whats the problem?


I have no idea what the problem is.

It keeps showing this message:

8 Oops, try again. It looks like you didn't create the confirm dialog correctly (or you clicked 'Cancel' instead of 'OK'). Check the examples in the instructions if you need help!

9 Oops, try again. Something went wrong with your prompt. Check the Hint if you need help!

Thank you


when the popup comes up, enter some text in, then make sure you click okay, not sure why it would fail for any other reason.


I am not getting any popups, only error messages.