8. Error msg: Set the border-bottom to '1px solid #dbdbdb'

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I’m using Chrome on Chrome OS. I had my zoom settings at 125%. Once i dropped it back to !00% it was able to move on. Hope that helps someone.

It worked for me. Thanks!
I’m using chrome on linux and I had to reset it back to default zoom.
I spent all night trying to figure out what the error was.

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Thank you very much, Resetting the zoom with Cmd+0 on my imac solved the problem :smile:

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I did this too. I downloaded three different browsers and adjusted the zoom settings which didn’t work so I put it at the bottom of the index.html.

A post was split to a new topic: 8. It says that font-size 15px

border-bottom: 1px solid#dbdbdb;

Hey @puce17, what are you trying to tell me there?

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2 posts were split to a new topic: 8. Here is my code:

I tried Firefox first, then Chrome with several zoom levels including default with no success. I even changed the resolution on my Win 10 laptop a few times. I was so desperate I launched the new Edge browser. It seemed to be more forgiving and displayed the webpage without generating the error no matter what my zoom level but no-how could I get it to display the provided Google image in jumbotron (Nor my own image for that matter). Strangely though, Neighborhood Guides thumbnails showed up properly). This was the exact same code (I know because I was copying working code to notepad for each step, then ensured I’d logged out of FF and Chrome before logging into Edge. So, web gurus, any ideas?

That’s interesting. I just tried to access this exercise with Edge and first it says “Your browser is not supported” and then it just never loads.

In firefox press Ctrl+(-) ×3 “fixed” it."
Thank you!

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I purchased a new pc. The resolution is higher on this one compared to the old one. This solution fixed my problem. Thanks.

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Thank U to whomever first posted this problem,


I am getting the same error with chrome, (1xp line) I changed the zoom and it gives an error on the #393c3d line?

How can i fix this?

The zoom only affects size values, not colors. Go ahead and start a new topic, post all of your code, your exercise number and your error message.

:green_heart: How to post code in this forum.

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I’m using Chrome and couldn’t get past that error message, no matter what zoom I was on. Finally went and used IE and at 100% zoom, got it accept!


To get the error message to go away in my Firefox, I had to reset to 100% and then zoom out 3 times.

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