8. can you swing it


hi i have the same problem this is my code
p { font-family: Garamond}
body > p { font-weight: bold}
li p{ text-decoration: underline}

Lesson 8 : can you swing it?

you never wrote any css code to give your synopsis paragraph the required color, and you didn't make the paragraph in the lists black.


sorry in my excercise never ask me for the color they only ask for font- family, bold and underline, i dont know if is because my profile is in spanish can you give an example of the right code


then why did you reply to a english topic? I don't manage the spanish track, last time i checked, i had serious problems with it. I can ask for someone else to help you, i can't.


i think is better if i change it to English let me try


That would be better, but then you need to add a little bit more code. With the english track i can help you. I asked some of the other moderators, but they haven't responded yet


thats great thank you


Did you manage to the english exercise?