8. Can You Swing it? I dont seem to swing it


what do they mean when they say "Make the* "synopsis*" paragraph have the color #7AC5CD"


It's suppose to be for "all paragraphs".

You have them for all paragraphs in divs, so delete the "div" and you should be good to go!


each first word of the paragraph describes the paragraph (introduction, synopsis and summary)

Your css selectors need some work


this will make all paragraphs bold, not just introduction and summary, now many more paragraphs then only the synopsis paragraph have a color of #7AC5CD


This picture was really really helpful. I was able to clear up my confusion after following this example. Thank you very much!!!


You are quite welcome, i am glad it was of use to someone else.


Thank you because the way that question is worded had me all types of confused lol