8. All on your own


TypeError: console.log is not a function

var gaming = prompt("Xbox, PS4, of the master race of a PC?");

switch (gaming) {
    case 'Xbox':
        console.log("Good choice young padewan. The force is strong with you!");
    case 'PS4':
        console.log("Get out of here...");
    case 'PC':
        console.log("I accept your decision.");
        console.log("It is either, Xbox or PS4... no " + gaming);



Well, according to the lesson 4.) Sneak Preview: the switch statement to which I pasted your code into it passes with no errors. So you should be fine to go in that aspect. If I had to take a guess maybe on the other site it has a more updated version of Javascript? or something else to where now you can't console.log like that? Another more experienced help desker or moderator can help you solve it in that aspect if you want it.


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