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I got an error ‘int’ object is not subscriptable. Also my code is much simplier than the answer so I was wondering if it’s the right way to do it.

score = {"a": 1, "c": 3, "b": 3, "e": 1, "d": 2, "g": 2, 
         "f": 4, "i": 1, "h": 4, "k": 5, "j": 8, "m": 3, 
         "l": 1, "o": 1, "n": 1, "q": 10, "p": 3, "s": 1, 
         "r": 1, "u": 1, "t": 1, "w": 4, "v": 4, "y": 4, 
         "x": 8, "z": 10}

def scrabble_score(word):
  score = 0
  for char in word:
    score = score + score[char]
  return score




what are you doing/attempting?

score is the total score of data type integer, it can’t be accessed with square brackets


Hi. I’m trying to add the point values of individual letters in ‘word’.


close, you are trying to add point values of individual letters in ‘word’ to score

Seems i missed something, score (which keeps track of the score) and the dictionary (also named score) have the same name, how is python to know which is which?


I can see my mistake now. I named the variable to be the same name as the dictionary so it doesn’t work. I named the variable to be total and it works now. Thank you!


i missed that you gave the variables the same name, i simple thought here:

score = score + score[char]

that score is an integer, which can’t be accessed by key or index like you attempt with the square brackets

i came to this conclusion, given this was the error message thrown at us by the python interpreter.

in a sense, what i thought was true. The local variable (score = 0) is used over the global variable score (dictionary). which explains the error message


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