8/8 Display


My code looks fine but I get a mistake: "Oops, try again. It looks like your 'puts' doesn't include Heroes: 3."


Perhaps you are printing it slightly differently from what's asked for?


Sorry, I didn't get your idea


I mean that perhaps you have a space too few or many, so that the submission test doesn't find what it's looking for. Your program should be as close to what the instructions ask for as is possible.


I found an issue and it was because I didn't put space here: puts "#{movie}:#{rating}"
Is the " " must have between #{movie}: and #{rating}?


Space is a character like any other. What if you had added the letter 'X' would that have been ok too?


You need a space inbetween
"#{movie}: #{rating}"
and probably inbetween
|movie, rating|
but looks good other than that


Hello evgenylad, I believe so. I experienced the same difficulty until I wrote the interpolated variable exactly as CodeCademy specified.

Cheers on passing this!


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh my God, that was driving me crazy, I couldn't figure it out! This helped tremendously!