8/19 Your own while/else - Why the solution only allows two guesses?


As shown in the topic, I don’t know if it happens to others as well that the solution code only allows 2 guesses, which are the first and third ones. In the console, the result showed:

Your guess: 3
Your guess: Your guess: 2
You lose.

After entering the first guess 3, without showing 1) “You lose.” as the feedback for the first guess and 2) giving users the second guess as it should, the console print “Your guess: Your guess:” and ask for the third guess raw input, but the feedback of the third guess was shown accordingly.


can you show your code? Try running your code on repl.it, see how it works there.


Thank you stetim94! After refreshing the page many times, the problem was gone without chaning anything. However, I didn’t know there is a site like repl.it can be used to double check code. That’s very useful. Thank you!


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