8/19 error "prints to console, use return"


def by_three?(n)
return n % 3 == 0

def greeter(name)
return "Hello " + name

output = greeter("bill")
puts output
threed = by_three?(4)
puts threed

Hello, bill

i did it right but its saying i need to use return instead of printing it to the console.


Well, did you try returning and not printing? What does it say then?


Yep, I would recommend doing as @arjofocolovi suggests


i want printing, i fixed it anyway


Great, please provide your fix so that other people with the same problem as you can know about it.


Yes I've same problem with this exercise. how did you do ??


change return in the greeter method for puts


Bingo. forgot about it at first, but yeah, thats it, i remember now.