"Declare and assign your variable on line 4,
then call your method on line 5!"""

print str(pi)

It is saying I have to put the str after the print fuction. Which I have.


So you have these two line correct?

Well it is asking you to assign a int not a string to pi so you HAVE to do it as follows

pi = 3.14 # Notice no "" around the number
print str(pi)


Thanks but I did that I'm pretty sure:

Here's the error message:
Oops, try again. pi should equal the number 3.14--do not call str(pi) until after the print command on line 5!


If you have

pi = "3.14"

That is your issue, in coding you have to be EXACT or it fails.

You need to have

pi = 3.14

If you still do not get it put this in your interpreture,


Cope and paste one of these lines at a time and you might notice a difference.


I got it. Thank you!