8/16: Nested funny


how do I make it not 'nested funny'? The hint totally didn't help.


from the exercise:

Recall that <p> and </p> are opening and closing tags.

We can give tags more instructions by including attributes in the opening tag.

now, including means adding, while you added the style attribute you also created an extra paragraph opening tag, you shouldn't have done that


okay thanks!! so I deleted those extra < p > tags and it worked. thank you!


I'm having a problem with this as well, I originally done it exactly as Vermilleon had done in his post but deleting some of the

tags aren't working. Could somebody give any further advice, hope I'm just not being stupid!


if you edit/update the question, leave a reply so i get notified. please post your code and take the following steps to make it visible:


Just delete < p > (I spaced this out b/c it wouldn't show next to each-other) and put your < p style="font-size: BLANKpx"> next to the text (And be sure to space and condense it correctly! :smiley:


THANK you! that was driving me crazy!