8/15 (nested JSX) getting error

I got error in 8/15 lesson (nested JSX), but I can’t see the reason

This is a task:
"Declare a new variable named myDiv. Set myDiv equal to a JSX


Wrap the

in parentheses, and use indentation and line breaks like in the examples. In between the
tags, nest an

containing the text Hello world."

This is my code:

var myDiv = (
    	Hello world

Whats wrong?

Same thing happening to me . Were you able to run it ?

var myDiv = (
    <h1>Hello world</h1>

This is the code that the “Get the Code” button show. i typed de same code, but doesnt worked. Guess its a bug

It looks like a bug, I just pressed the Next button so as not to waste time

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