8/15 coding help


What changes/additions do I need to make to my code?

def purify(numbers):
for item in numbers:
if item % 2 != 0:
return item

Oops, try again. Your function crashed on [1] as input because your function throws a "'int' object is not iterable" error.


Hello Codecademy Team,

I am currently doing your introductory "Python" programming language course, "String Formatting With %, Part 2" and after answering the three questions, the code keeps running. Could you please help me solve this problem? I would really appreciate it! Thanks!


Ian Michael Jones


@Ian - As the questions appear (flash on the screen) in the console (small box on the right corner of the screen) - answer the questions and press enter. The three questions should come up, after you answer the first question and press enter, the second question appears. Answer all three (choose whatever answers you want) and then it will allow you to save and submit or there will be a message to say you have completed this section. I hope this helps. Josie