8/14 Possibly a typo?


Hey there again, working through the unit but I've been stopped getting an error of
"Oops, try again. Did you give your

a border-radius of 10px? It looks like its border-radius is 0px."

My code is as follows:
$(document).ready(function () {

According to the css tab, the border radius is still 0px, but if I edit it via that route, it doesn't accept as it's an exercise on the script.js. Any ideas? Am I typing it wrong? I've tried a variation of .border-radius, .radius, .borderRadius, etc. Not sure what's up with it. Anyone see the error?


have you tried using


do a google search as it might also be a Browser specific problem
border-radius() site:jquery.com


That worked! Thank you Leonhard, sometimes all it takes is another perspective.


This too works pretty well.



Thanks! worked for me to using Mozilla Firefox.


this also worked no idea why..... did this in the firefox browser:




So you can pass a JSON object like the post by @jawshooah or make multiple method calls like what is outlined in the lesson though a nice trick for readability is to write them out as follows (*only one semicolon is needed as well as omitting the selector in every call) :
.css('border-radius', '10px);

I would also have each property in it's on line if you choose to got the JSON route, just to make things easier to read. It might not seem like a big deal, but readability becomes important when you share your code or are working with other people on the same codebase.