8/13 'problem with syntax'


... I am very confused.

Would appreciate any help!


No semicolon after your conditions and not after the } of conditions. Btw pls rather post you code and the error message than a screenshot. This way we can't run your code to see if we can reproduce the error and also you might get into conflict for posting too many links, so it's not forbidden to use screenshots but code and error message would be better.


Thanks for your help! ...and sure thing, I'll post code +error message without the screenshot next time. I didn't think of the copy+pasting others might want to try.

This worked! I just do not know why... I thought the semicolons were needed? Can you explain? (I will also try to google reason but if you have a simple explanation relevant to this exercise I'd be very appreciative).


You could take this in as an introduction:

What happens is that the semicolon would be the second statement so that if end else are no longer connected.

I guess the where you need semicolons is after e.g.

var name = value;



If you have any questions about the link or semicolons feel free to ask.


Thank you for all this info!