8/13 not working for me


what's wrong with this picture? it said line 2 but i assume it meant like start another line on the same code that you've had going. 4 some reason it won't show the rest of the code...

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <!--Add your script tag here.-->
        <script type = "text/javascript" src = "script.js"></script>


This code should be in your script.js file. Cut it from index.html and click the script.js tab, then paste it in there.


but it is not specified



On line 2 in script.js, make 'div' into a jQuery object and call the .slideDown() action on it. Inside slideDown()'s parentheses, type 'slow' so jQuery knows how quickly to slide your div down.


not this, not that I spoke had to put in script.js


I'm not following what you are getting at. Please explain so one can understand what your late post is supposed to mean. Thank you.