It won’t pass and I am sure its correct.


Your code is not correct and will not yield the same result as expected by the exercise.

Take a look at the HTML code (index.html) yourself. You’ll see that there is a div element with the class image-container which is not a child of a div with class images. Now, take a look at the instructions. They ask you to add the overflow declaration for the class rule, image-container alone, not said class that is a descendant of some other class (and I’m talking about the images class).

Simply put, you do not add overflow: hidden; declaration to .images .image-container as that only applies to image-container classes within images classes. This is not what the instructions have asked you to do. So, create a new rule for the class image-container alone and add your declarations. This will not only apply to image-container classes within images, but also to said classes outside the images class.