I feel so stupid but how do I get to see the code editor in this step?


What do you mean? Can i see a print screen? Maybe refresh the page


I'm stuck on this step

3.We must fix the merge conflict.

In the code editor, look at resume.txt. Git uses markings to indicate the HEAD (master) version of the file and the fencing version of the file, like this:

<<<<<<< HEAD
master version of line
fencing version of line


Git asks us which version of the file to keep: the version on master or the version on fencing. You decide you want the fencing version.

From the code editor:

Delete the content of the line as it appears in the master branch

Delete all of Git's special markings including the words HEAD and fencing. If any of Git's markings remain, for example, >>>>>>> and =======, the conflict remains.

Try reloading the page if Git's markings don't show up.


you can just open the file from the central window (open file button)? And then the delete the required lines, or if you feel more comfortable with command line editors you can do: nano <filename>


Thank you. It worked with nano!