7. Whoa there?


When I click 'next' to move on to exercise 7.comments the following error message comes up:

Whoa there!

comments.js has been moved. This will cause problems with this exercise, please move comments.js back to its original location, or reset your files


I don't have any problem with it. Try resetting you code and try again.


I'm getting the same thing. I tried resetting the files, going back, even tried a different computer. I've had this error for a few days now.


I have had the same error now for two days. Can't get past it.


I reported the bug and I'm hoping for some response.


Still no response?

Anyone else having this issue or know how to fix it?


I reset the files and it worked for me. I've now moved over to google chrome as I was getting bugs in future exercises (I was using safari before). Maybe this could work for you?


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