7.What if choice1 is paper?


It seems that I followed the instructions in other questions similar to mine.
But for some reason there is still an error.
Can you spot the mistake?

Replace this line with your code.


close the function
function(){ //open

} //close



Thanks @rcodeman, but I still don't quite see where I should correct that error.
Could you be more specific?


i m seeing you ve more mistake

look "rock wins";} //wrong
"rock wins"};//right



Hmm. That's interesting. Codecademy accepted it as correct. Thus they allowed me to proceed to the next step.


@cdethis sometimes the checker lets things through that it shouldn't, but I digress... Can you paste the whole code? between backticks (`) like:

(your program)

Note: I believe "unexpected end of input" means that the end of input is something other than what the code reader expected to find, for example an extra or missing bracket, etc. If I put "{" then "}" should be expected to follow, and so forth...


Found the correct answer!
Thanks so much for your help. Yay!
@rcodeman, you were right, I needed to close the bracket. I learned it needed to be closed in a particular structure. I added another bracket before but not in the right way.
@msfrisby thanks for your help too.


How about mine ?
@cdethis look like same yours.
Please help me !


HI you should closed the compare function just add one } at the end of your code..


wahhhhhhhhh, @wizmarco Thank for your help !