7. Victory - codeacademy passed me but i dont understand where i went wrong


I passed but my logs arent showing me the answer I want. it seems to be just feeding whatever was in my text.

Could someone please advise on what I did wrong. Attached below is my code:


As you are using a semi-colon-; directly after your FOR-loop setup,
and the semi-colon-; is an End-of-Statement indicator to the Javascript Interpreter,
the code-block


is NOT seen as an integral part of the FOR-loop, but is a code-block on its own…



Thanks for the response. I was able to properly get the result i wanted.

One additional question i got was why are you pushing the following line twice? This one says push is not defined.


The example provided produced the same result with the code below.


You are right, my error…
Updated my Post
so sorry !!


No problem, thanks for your help!