7. The o shortcut Interactive Website: News Reader



The o shortcut
I have tried to follow all instructions, but still receiving error, please help:

var main = function() {




if(event.which === 111){

<div class="article">
<div class="item">


`<div class="description">`



These are the instructions: for
Inside the keypress event handler, write an if statement:

  1. The if statement should check whether event.which === 111.

  2. If it does, then toggle the current article's description using:

  3. It is important you click on the first article before pressing the o key!
    The o key currently works for the first article's description. Let's add add another keyboard shortcut to move on to the next article.

This hint provides this information:

Modify your keypress event handler to look like this:

$(document).keypress(function(event) {
if(event.which === 111) {

  1. First $('.current') selects the current article.

  2. The .children('.description') method selects the <div class="description">..</div> inside the current article.

  3. The .toggle() method alternates showing and hiding the description.

Many thanks for your help in advance :blush:


Hey Mehreen95,

This is probably one of the most complete help requests I've ever seen!
You seem to be mixing HTML (<div class="...">) and JavaScript/jQuery together. Make sure you're keeping HTML in index.html and the JavaScript stuff in app.js. After you do that, could you post back with your code again please?


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Thanks for your help @zystvan ! :slight_smile:
You're right, All I had to do was remove the HTML code, and it works fine !


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