7. Shorthand - "Did you set the border?" Using the supplied code does not work

Here’s the exercise (Borders, Part 7. Shorthand) that I’m having an issue with:


I previously had a problem with Exercise III and the 5px border-width. But I tried zooming, different browsers and different border-width values and nothing seems to work here.
Using the supplied code provides this error message: “Did you set the border?”

Here’s the supplied code:

.hotel {
  border: 2px solid #FFF;
  margin: 60px auto;
  padding: 10px 0px 0px 0px;
  width: 90%;

I tried changing the width to 1-5px and the #FFF to #FFFFFF but can’t find the issue.

  • Xander.
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Would you mind posting the instructions relating to the border-width? It isn’t wanting to connect for me.

Hey i am also the same problem.Did you find a solution to this? If yes,please reply back.

Nothing, I have been trying to get this to work for the past hour. It doesn’t even accept its own corrected code. What is someone to do…

Common issue, try copying your code then reseting the exercise, then pasting and hitting submit. Hope I helped :slight_smile:

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someone from one of the other threads suggested:

change .hotel to .hotelx in style.css and change all the

to < div class=“hotelx”> in index.html. Theres 5 of them in total.

I just did this 2 seconds ago and it worked perf. Thanks guys!


thanks for the help!!!

Thanks, just had this problem too, but changing to ‘hotelx’ helped.

Hey guys , instead of border-top-width, set the border-width to 5px only.
After trying for many times , it only worked for me.
I think there is some problem with the given instruction.

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Thanks for the help! I realize you didn’t come up with this solution, but any idea why i helped?

Google Chrome worked for me with the code requested in the exercise.

Hey, thanks was very useful

I’ve the same issue , did anyone find the solution ???

I have the same issue whats the solution?? The hotelx thing is not helping. Please help Im stuck
EDIT: That hotelx thing worked for me:) Thanks bigheadedboy18.

the hotelx didn’t work for me, and the supplied code doesn’t work either. I’m using Chrome as well.

EDIT: Set your browser zoom to 100% if you’re zoomed out or in, it should work!

It worked perfectly! Thank you very much indeed!

Yes, thank you. Its really work!

No problem, I have no clue how this thing worked. I am a noob coder and
just did this after a friend who codes legit for life and found this
solution in another thread.

Thank you that worked for me.:slight_smile:

Thank you^^ It is work.