7. Reverse


Hi guys (and girls),
I tried different codes and they work but I always get the same error message " 'str' object is not callable"
Don't know what that mean and how to fix this. Could you help me?
Here is my codes:


could you copy paste your code to the forum? This way, i can run it (which helps me, to help you :slight_smile: ), also, the url of the exercise would be very useful :slight_smile:


Thank for your help :slight_smile:

# code 1 
def inverser(texte):
    for elt in texte:
    return res

code 2

def inverser(texte):
    while i>0:
    return res




i even tried a different solution without strings:

def inverser(texte):
    for elt in texte:
    return "".join(res)
print inverser("coolstory")

still not working.... I will ask around if this is a known problem


This seems to be a known problem, i will see if there is a workaround, for know skip it, trust me, both your solution are really good :slight_smile:


Hi, did you find a solution to skip this exercice? I'm always blocked here :disappointed_relieved:


You can always skip it with the hamburger menu in the bottom left, i believe there was a workaround... Or not, i will have to ask one of the other mods.


Guys, posting answers is not according to the guidelines, besides that, it is not going to help since this is the french exercise, which is bugged.