7 Putting It all together



I'm having a great deal of difficulty completing this last task. I have tried several times, but the editor seems frozen on my unfinished code, and I can't reset or change it at all, very frustrating.

Below is a copy of the code that I would like to include, can anyone offer any feedback? (I am trying to keep it simple).

      // On the line below, create your own associative array:
        $myArray = array('yellow' => 'banana',
                        'orange' => 'orange', 
                        'red' => 'apple', 
                        'brown' => 'peach', 
                        'green' => 'pear', 
                        'pink' => 'grapefruit');

      // On the line below, output one of the values to the page:
        echo $myArray['red'];
      // On the line below, loop through the array and output
      // *all* of the values to the page:
        foreach ($myArray as $colour=>$fruit) {
            echo $colour . ': ' . $fruit '<br />';


this you do right:

echo $colour . ': ' . $fruit

a dot between variable and ':' to joint it all together, but then you don't have a dot between $fruit and <br />;


you have a dot missing in line 22
echo $colour . ': ' . $fruit .'


Ah good one, I hadn't thought about that, thanks. Hopefully I can try it out when the screen finally resets itself


The problem I currently have is my editor is frozen in what appears to be an infinite loop, and despite all my efforts I can't reset it!! I've tried searching the help topics but I still can't find a solution. SOOOOO FRUSTRATING!!!! as this is the last exercise in the PHP course.

If anyone from Codecademy is watching this can you please fix????


Navigate to lesson 6.
Set screen zoom high enough to hide the preview window. This will turn off auto-run.
Navigate to lesson 7
Above your code add this line:

<?php else ?>

This will force a ParseError and disable preview auto-run.

Now restore the zoom to 100% and fix/complete your code. When ready to submit, just remove the above line.


LEGEND!!! Thank you soo much, that fixed it, finally I can move onto javascript!