I' am having trouble with this as well

Please help me!


when I take the ' off of line 9 it still says the same thing


The error message in the console is pointing right at the problem. Examine the syntax of that statement (line 5). See anything out of place?

If I read the instructions correctly, we are not expected to write out the expressions in our exercise code, just visually examine and evaluate them, then write True or False in the respective statement.

3 . 100 ** 0.5 >= 50

What is the square root of 100? Answer: 10

Is 10 >= 50 ? Answer: No.

Therefore, the expression,

100 ** 0.5 >= 50

yields False, so that bool_three = False. Do the other questions in much the same manner. It's for practice doing the logic in our head so we build up our recognition and evaluation of literal and logical expressions.


I've missed the or in between 50 and false
that was stupid :hushed:


Naw, not studid. Accidental. Human. Do not beat up on yourself. We all make mistakes. How we deal with them is all a part of doing the job.

I still recommend doing the entire exercise in your head, sort of, as demonstrated above, and write only the boolean as applies in each statement. That way when you come back to review it will be done according the instructions. You can ask, how did I get False for this one? And work it out again... No cheating. :slight_smile:


Thanks heaps :blush: