7. Or- am I missing something here?


I'm puzzled, this exercise is only accepted as correct if it is incorrect. I'm attaching a screenshot of the error message and the "way to go" message


This is what I think should be the correct answer:

bool_one = True or True is True

bool_two = True or False is True

bool_three = False or False is False

bool_four = True or True is True

bool_five = False or True is True


What does the is-operator do? Has it been introduced? What are you asked to do?


I'm pretty sure the "is" operator was not introduced in this lesson. I think that is just something the user learned early on.


Could you please post the question? I think that is more important?


These are the instructions


You misunderstand me. Those are questions that you need to consider yourself. The is-operator isn't mentioned anywhere in the course, yet here you are, using it. You're using something that you probably don't even have an expectation about what it does. You need to know what everything you use does, otherwise you're not detailing what the computer should do, you're just saying words that have no meaning to you, that's going to be interpreted in ways that are different from what you expect, if you expected anything at all.


I have to second this. I think arraysurfer40580 wrote it with the "is" Operator just to clarify how he comes to his conclusions. This is about the fifth boolean having to be equal to "true", but the lesson seems to be be of a different opinion. The question is: Set bool_five equal to the result of 1**100 == 100**1 or 3 * 2 * 1 != 3 + 2 + 1. This is obviously a bug and should be fixed


There is bug in the way the answers are evaluated.


While the poster isn't answering the question correctly (unless he did add the other parts just to show his work for this post), THERE IS A BUG IN THIS LESSON! I even opened up the python interpreter to double check the result of each "or" statement, and with the correct answers it still says that there's something wrong. I even reset the code and refreshed the page - it still doesn't see my entries as correct. The issue is with bool_one; the answer should be "False" but it seems to think it's "True".



This is what it is supposed to be - you are basically just converting the statements to workout if overall it is True or False. Below is what it should be:

bool_one = False

bool_two = True

bool_three = True

bool_four = True

bool_five = False


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