7. Neighborhood Guides Image 2


Having trouble with a thumbnail in Neighborhood guides, can anyone help? I have done what I think the instructions are asking however, it still does not want to work.



I am a total beginner but I think your first div class="col-mid-4" tag is not closed.
And probably neither the div class="row" tag. (I can't see the bottom of the code properly)

Can this be the problem?

ps: You should use indentation, it would make the code more readable.


No, it wasn't that.


also the img tags are not closed either. they should look like /> at the end.


No, that didn't work either.

Not having much joy on this one.


so you probably have enough of me now and i think i might have said something stupid earlier about the img tags.
anyway my last attempt: i have done this lesson earlier and it appeared to be working. i really hope that helps...:slightly_smiling:


Thank you netsurfer, that did it. I didn't have enough

Your a star, thank you.