7. Let's .focus()!



Codecademy says I have passed, however when I focus the outline still changes to blue rather than red.



That's because #FF0000 is red, not blue.

Source: color-hex.com


That's what I mean. I've asked it to change to red (i.e. #FF0000), but it's still changing to blue for some reason that I can't figure out. :slight_smile:


Could you provide a screenshot please?


I've hovered my pointer over the bar in the screenshot below:


Does your CSS establish a set border color? If not it might just be a glitch.


I think it's just a glitch. Thanks for your help : )


Getting the same here. My script.js is:
But no red on the outline-color. I believe it turning blue is default browser behavior. I tried other things like adding a div to HTML and changing it's background-color and that didn't work either...


It might be a browser thing. I'm not too familiar with IE or Edge or whatever it's called now.

You can try using CSS and giving the input box a pseudo-selector or pseudo-event (I can't quite recall what their official name is) to make it turn red on hover or click.


perfectly working and changing colour to red


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