7. Less Than or Greater Than

Hi all,

I have some problems with the exercise Less Than or Greater Than, the code editor report me this error “Oops, try again. Let’s not use != or == for this exercise—just <, >, <=, and >= for now.” But is impossible this error because I have used only those required exercise, how is possible? Let me know or fix the exercise. Thank you for your kindness.



I think I experienced something like that, but I fixed it. I do not remember how, though. Where exactly was that? Do you have any sample code to show us?

Maybe you have to use all different kinds of operators in the exercise. That is what I did. Just do not repeat them.

I have solved, in fact I didn’t realize that I had overlooked an operator

How did you solve it?

How did you solve it? I tried every combo!!!

Your job is to replace the __s with <, <=, >, or >= to make the expression for each variable true!

@gh1r0 how did you solve it

In this way:

test_1 = 17 > 16

test_2 = 21 <= 30

test_3 = 9 <= 9

test_4 = -11 < 4

if you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask me!


its till dosent work

test_4 = -11 < 4 is failing Still…

Just completed this exercise - what it’s looking for is the use of ‘<=’ in test_3 as follows:

test_1 = 17 > 16

test_2 = 21 < 30

test_3 = 9 <= 9

test_4 = -11 < 4

Hello gh1r0,

Thanks for helping us.

I’m completely beginner, my question’s probably stupid but I’m here to learn.

Why test_2 = 21<=30, why “=” ?

test_3 = 9<=9, why "< " ?

Thank you again